Sunday, April 6

The Coventry Cottage Dollhouse Day 5

I installed the interior door, varnished and touched up the floors, and fixed those little exposed slants in the ceilings. I trimmed them with wood and then added wallpaper to the slants so they blend in with the rest of the wall.

If you wallpapered your roof panels before you put them on the dollhouse, then you will see the wallpaper you used for the top floor peaking through these slants in the first floor. I suppose that’s another way to hide them as well.

I finished the kitchen bay windows and all of the kitchen baseboards. I also varnished the floor in there.

I made my way up to the attic to wallpaper it. It wasn’t difficult to wallpaper the attic even with the roof on.

I then glued on the attic windows.

The dollhouse has a very unique shape so you will have to wallpaper the back roof walls as well, when you get ready to put them in. They will be visible when viewing the dollhouse through its different angles. I'll wallpaper them before putting them on to make it easier.

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