Saturday, April 5

The Coventry Cottage Dollhouse Day 4

I began trimming in the main room. Notice that by the bay wall, I cut off that tab that was poking through, sanded it down and put wallpaper over it. You can do this if you want because once the glue dries, it will not harm the structure to remove this tab.

I went ahead and glued on the front roof parts. I had to remove a small piece of trim for them fit. They interlock together. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you put them in the right order. I suggest you dry fit them first to know what the best placement procedure is. Paint the edges of the roof pieces and all overhangs before you glue them on. Otherwise, they will be impossible to reach later. Clamp them until dry. If you wallpapered before, you can put the back pieces in. If you're wallpapering last, like I am, don’t put the back roof pieces on yet or it will interfere with your wallpaper application.

I primed the room first and finished the ceiling. I cut off the tabs that were poking through in this room as well and sanded them flush to the wall.

Wallpapering bays is always difficult and best done before inserting them on the dollhouse but sometimes that is impossible to do because the assembly does not allow as in this case. I know this dollhouse has some ceiling slants showing through some of the walls. These can be hidden several ways. You can paint them in a complimentary color to your wallpaper, stain or paint them to match your interior trim or apply fabric trim or some other covering to hide them.

I plan on trimming them with skinny sticks and then applying wallpaper on the exposed areas. Don’t try to cover them by wrapping the wallpaper piece your using for the wall around them because it will just completely through your pattern off and crease your paper. They have to be done separately so leave them exposed for now.

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