Friday, April 4

The Coventry Cottage Dollhouse Day 3

I decided to put the porch roof trim on. You can skip ahead and do this now because it's not anything that will affect the construction of the dollhouse. It goes on the same way the porch roof did and is much easier.

I also added the porch and bay foundation. These binder clips are great for this step. Just glue and clamp the foundation pieces to the tabs poking underneath the floor.

I primed the main first floor room. When I prime, I also paint the ceiling. Make sure you paint the bay roof now before you wallpaper because it will be very difficult to do it later.

I then stained the floors.

Wallpapering the main room will take more wallpaper that the average room because of the bays and all the twists and turns. It's also a fairly large room. Make sure you buy extra wallpaper for this room. I’m going to have to use a lot of trim to hide little defects in the wallpaper since a lot of patching is necessary.

I applied the windows to the bays. I also applied all of the exterior and interior bay window trims.

I assembled the door and clamped it for it to dry. After it was dry, I dry fitted it into the opening and of course, it's too small so I had to sand it down until it fit. I glued on the exterior and interior trim for it.

I’m still finding gaps and little holes here and there, which I’m spackling and then applying touch up paint to.

I began installing the kitchen bay. This bay would have been a piece of cake to put together but because the sill goes on first, due to the locking tab and slot feature, it makes the assembly quite difficult. I glued and clamped it together. The only advice I can give you for this bay is to follow the instructions very carefully because if you don’t, you won't be able to assemble it.

After it was dry, I painted it with the first coat. I have to spackle all the gaps and holes to paint it again. I also installed the roof trim.

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