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Sunday, March 9

The Willowcrest Dollhouse Day 8

I put in the mansard roof panels today and it was no easy task. It also wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be either. They go in with extreme pressure. This is where you will appreciate all of the glue you used to hold the cornices and trims together on the roof. They just won't hold if they aren’t glued well. These mansard roof panels are made of wood and even though they are scored to bend, it's extremely hard to make them do so. You might want to trace these panels onto stiff, thin cardboard for ease of installation. You will be able to get a much better mansard curve out of them and they would be easier to install.

To clamp, you must use rolls of tape or anything else with a cylinder shape that you can roll to get the full curve out of the roof. You must clamp as hard as you can and let it be. This roof has to dry over night.

I assembled the porch steps. I glued on the mansard fascia and front corner boards. I also glued fascia to the kitchen and living room bays.

I installed the front small window sills. You will have to dry fit them with patience and cut the slots wider, so the windows will fit around them perfectly. There’s a strong possibility that they will not fit around your windows as is. This is because you painted your windows and there is a layer of glue on them so the wood is much thicker now. The holes on the sills are very small. Make them larger and then install the sills. If you try to hammer them in, you might break your windows or the sills. I installed the plastic panes on all the windows that were complete.

I installed the door trim first and let that dry before I attempted to put in the front door. I also layered the front door with the window sandwiched in it and left it clamped for a long time as well before I tried installing them. Sometimes you will get a dollhouse where the door fits perfectly and other times you will get a dollhouse where the door doesn’t fit at all. This dollhouse falls in the middle. The doors semi-fit so I was able to sand them down until I got them in there.

I finished installing the front dormer arch trim and it's roof. I painted the barrel part of it before I put in the arch and arch roof because it won't be possible later. I painted the barrel the same color as the dollhouse walls and didn’t hide the lines.

I assembled the porch assembly, but I only assembled the layered parts and slipped the top trim on them. I then installed this entire assembly on the dollhouse and finished it while on there. It just will give you a much better finished look if you do it this way than to try and assemble the whole thing away from the dollhouse. Don’t glue that top trim to the assembly yet. Wait until you're assembling the side trims under it to glue it, so you can actually move it down and get a nice tight fit all around.

I accidentally installed the porch wrong. In other words, the front piece should have been the back piece. that’s why it has notches on the sides so that the side porch pieces fit. It's something I can fix by simply cutting off the back pieces notches so the sides fit. It's not worth tearing the entire porch apart for this mistake because it can have a work around.

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