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Thursday, March 6

The Willowcrest Dollhouse Day 5

Today I began installing the kitchen and living room bay. I’m not worried about the gaps between the bay walls because skewers can take care of that later on.

While the bays dried, I worked on the staircase closet that’s in the bathroom. I first stained the staircase's underside because its visible inside of the closet. I added a small trim piece to the bottom step to hide a small gap that was there. Now I’m ready to wallpaper the closet. The only wall that is visible is the one under the staircase on the opposite side of the door. That’s all you need to wallpaper. I dry fitted a piece of wallpaper I plan on using for the bathroom until I got just the right shape. That angle of the staircase is in the way, but I finally got it right. Once it was on, I could glue on the staircase back. It fit perfectly. I clamped and let it dry for a bit.

While that was drying, I moved on to the front of the dollhouse's exterior. Time for me to begin painting the porch and its roof. I painted with one coat and then sanded a little. Afterwards, I added the second coat of paint. I don’t need to use spackle because the siding will hide any gaps between the porch and the dollhouse wall. As that dried, I went back to the interior and primed the bedroom and bathroom. The staircase back wall was dry enough to remove the clamps. I used the instruction sheet to protect the floors while I primed, but nothing dripped.

I then began wallpapering the bedroom. I also wallpapered the bathroom. I plan to continue wallpapering and finishing the first and second floors before I move on to the roof and third floor. When the wallpaper mucilage dries, it is very hard, so it will give the dollhouse even more sturdiness.

I turned the dollhouse in different ways to prime the first floor. I also painted the ceiling. I spackled the tab slots on it as well and painted it a second time. While the wallpaper dried, I painted the whole foundation of the dollhouse, spackled and then gave it a second coat.

I do not plan on siding the living room bay, so I painted, spackled the gaps and painted it again. The gaps were not large enough to require skewers. I installed the cellar windows.

I put in the attic walls so they will be dry by tomorrow. My suggestion is to slide them in the slots away from the dollhouse first, so you can hammer them in place. Then I positioned the tabs of the entire assembly over the third floor slots. Hammer them in. Make sure they are all in because if not, your roof will give you trouble later on. This is an important step. I reinforced everything with wood glue on the exterior, which will be covered by the mansard roof, so it won't be visible.

I glued on the back walls. I didn’t wallpaper their interior, I just painted them in the same color that the dollhouse will be so they aren’t stark white. The only way you can see those walls is if you look through the windows very closely. Otherwise, they are not visible.

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