Tuesday, March 4

The Willowcrest Dollhouse Day 3

The staircase is completely dry today. I began gluing the risers and steps. Always remember the risers have to be put on first. After I did that, I put the staircase to the side, so it could dry a bit. I can't glue on the staircase trim #4 until it becomes a little sturdier. In the meantime, I’m began assembling the second floor staircase. The best way to make it square is to put the bottom riser on and then the top one for an even look all the way up.

I finally put in the fourth trim to the first floor staircase. I put them aside to dry and began the first parts of the dollhouse shell. I glued the foundation and walls together. It's been easy so far and will glue as I go along. Tacky and wood glue drying time is longer, so I have flexibility to move things around. I glued walls together all the way until the first floor staircase.

I stained both staircases and glued on the runners to them. I have to put the runners now. I suggest hot glue for the runners because they are thick and hard to keep down. The staircase is winding and the runner is straight. I cut the runner, turned it, matched the pattern, glued and then cut again at the next turn. I had to use two runners on the winding staircase. The second floor staircase is straight and runner installation was pretty easy.

I primed the first floor stairwell and then wallpaper. I also made sure the paint the ceiling when I primed. I primed and put wallpaper on the area of the side wall that will face the stairwell. The diamond stair window is in that section.

While that dried, I put in the staircase. I left an extra edge of runner on the top so I can use it for the second floor of the dollhouse. Once the staircase was in, I had to wait for everything to dry overnight.

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