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Friday, March 14

The Willowcrest Dollhouse Day 13

I spackled the staircase to remove the small gap in it. I sanded and painted it smooth.

I began siding the back walls. When you do the siding back here, make sure your siding is flush with the edge facing towards the dollhouse. That edge does not have any trim, so the siding needs a nice finished look there.

After the siding dried, I glued on the last two corner boards and top fascia.

I wanted to begin shingling today, but the shingles that came with the dollhouse are not good. Beacuse the kit is so old, they are brittle, dry, thick and warped with age. They crack and split when I try to get a strip from the sheet. I would basically have to hand cut each strip with a scissor and the sheet is so tough that it will be a mission to get that done, so I discarded them and used other ones.

I finished all of the interior trim work. All of the ceilings and floors have been trimmed and varnished. I used skewers for the ceilings and skinny sticks of the baseboards. I also used the little wooden pegs around the attic dormers.

I glued on the curtains. I always use hot glue for my curtains and glue them to the interior window trim only so I redecorate later if I want to. I finished all of the back edge trim work as well.

Remember that the easiest way to apply shingles is to make a template out of paper and then glue the entire finished panel to the roof of the dollhouse. I bought a roll of “postal paper”. The paper is brown, so it will be even more invisible against your dyed shingles. I didn’t know what color to stain the shingles for this dollhouse, but I stained them the same color as the interior trim. I thought the dark color would work nicely with the color scheme of this dollhouse. For the dormer roof tops, I just applied shingles right over the roof ridge.

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Janine Hummel said...

is this a house you would recommend for a third build dollhouse woman? it's online and i love its appearance, but i don't see any reviews :)

Gina said...

If it would be your third tab and slot dollhouse, then I would recommend it. It is a very difficult assembly because of how hard it is to finish but if you assembled two previous tab and slot dollhouses and they were of moderate size, you can tackle this one.

Reviews for tab and slot dollhouse are generally horrible so its a good thing you didn't find reviews. They would have discouraged you from the project. lol


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