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My Second Buttercup Cottage Dollhouse

The Wallpaper
I used yellow gingham and polka dot scrapbook paper for this dollhouse. Small dollhouses like this are perfect for the use of scrapbook paper, which comes in smaller sheets than miniature wallpaper does. Scrapbook paper is especially useful when you want more modern patterns or seasonal prints which are usually not available in miniature wallpaper.

The Floors
I wanted to put designs on my floors but I couldn't find any stencils that I really liked or were in the right scale. I had temporary tattoos on hand so I used them on my floors. They are the kind you stick on yourself with water so I took a chance and tried them on wood. I thought it would possibly not work and they would lift up or not stick since wood is very different from skin but once I got the first one down, I realized they work just the same on this surface as they would on human skin. They do not lift, peel or flake off.

I first sanded the floor and removed all dust from it. I then stained the floor the color I wanted. I again used an acrylic paint mix to create the stain. After the floor was completely dry, I dry fitted all of the tattoo patterns the way I would want them to appear on the floor. I had to make sure I had enough of them before I began. Once I had the general pattern I wanted on the floor, I could begin applying them.

I peeled off the clear plastic from the tattoo print I wanted to use and placed it face down where I wanted it. I put water on the back with a sponge brush and waited for the paper backing to loosen. Don’t skimp on the water, apply it generously. Keep it pressed down on the surface you want it until the paper backing is loose and don’t lift it, slide off the paper backing instead. If you lift, you might lift off your design with it. The tattoos themselves are very thin and delicate and can easily break or tear. This is just like applying a decal. Once the backing has slid off, the tattoo remains and it looks just like stenciling or an inlay.

I applied gloss varnish over the entire floor. This will protect the tattoos and shine the floor.

The Interior Trim.
I decided to apply lots of trim on the interior of this dollhouse. This cottage does not bring interior trim so I thought that if I trimmed out the wall corners, door, ceilings and floors it will make it look more finished. I did it all with skewers. I used skinny sticks for the bay trim only.

The Exterior Trim
In my last dollhouse I painted some exterior trim black but this time around, I went with white. I also added some keystones to the round windows and a design to the window boxes. I used left over punched out scraps from other dollhouses. I just wanted to have an even mix of black accents around the exterior.

The Shingles
I used left over shingles from another kit for the shingling of my last Buttercup. They were birch shingles that came in a bag and they were kind of pale and yellowy in color. This time around, I used the unused shingles that came with the Storybook Cottage Dollhouse. They had a nice pattern to them and are on the orangy side. I think it would make a nice contrast with the yellow of the dollhouse. This dollhouse does not come with shingles. In the last dollhouse I left the roof bottom edge pattern exposed for decorative purposes but this time around I brought the shingles all the way down, covering that pattern.

The Chimney
I decided I didn’t want the chimney to just be black so I printed out a cobble stone print from a mini print site on my computer and covered the bottom of the chimney with it. I think it gives it a little more detail like this. I used a glue stick to glue on the paper to the chimney. Your going to want to use a light glue anytime you print from your computer to regular copy or printer paper. That type of paper is very thin and any moisture will warp, wrinkle or bubble it. It can also soak very easily through and bleed your ink, ruining your pattern. Glue sticks are your best choice because that glue does not contain much moisture.

The Attic
I just want to point out the attic of this dollhouse on the second floor. I wallpapered completely up here. I used Mod Podge which I had on hand but it is always best to use mucilage or Yes Paste. Mod Podge does not give you enough time to position your wallpaper before it dries and it tends to be quite watery, which has the potential to wrinkle and/or crease your wallpaper. I wallpapered before I put the roof together. This is really the easiest and simplest way to wallpaper an attic with all of these angles and dormers.

The Interior Upholstery
I decided to go with black shades for the windows. I used black gingham for the window seat.

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