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Sunday, December 2

The Sugarplum Cottage Dollhouse Day 1

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The Sugarplum Cottage By Greenleaf

I assembled this dollhouse for a second time and did some changes to the finishes. I suggest you view those changes before you begin assembly, in case you wish to try them out. You can view them here.

The first thing I have to do is prepare the floors. I want to draw planks on them for realism. I have to decide how I want the planks to look. I want them a little wider than the bead board I will be using on the walls. I’m going to use an Emory board fingernail file to measure out the planks. I first measured the width of the planks with the Emory board. Then I used the ruler to draw the lines across the floor at the width marks.

You can make the nail sets and joints of the planks anyway you like. They can be staggered or even and as wide as you wish. It all depends on what style you want to have. You can also make your planks go across the floor from side wall to side wall or you can make them go from front wall to back. It's all up to you and the design you want to achieve. Just make sure they are all straight.

After the floors are planked, I have to begin building the shell of the dollhouse. You have to put all your walls up at once. This is so you can clamp them to each other and hold them together until dry. Use a lot of glue and masking tape. You have to hammer the tabs well to get them in all the way. You have to make sure the shell is sturdy because everything you will do to the dollhouse going forward will be held together by the shell.

The first floor was completely warped, so the dollhouse was wobbling from side to side. If this happens to you, don’t worry about it because will straighten itself out. When I put in the second floor of the dollhouse, that is exactly what happened. No more wobbling. The second floor fixed the warped first floor. The more pieces you add to the shell, the more it straightens itself out.

I wanted to add beamed ceilings to this dollhouse, but they will not work for the first floor because the door is in the way. There is no room between the ceiling and the top of the front door for a beam to fit. Of course, the door is not technically going to open, so I could put them in, but it won't look right.

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