Saturday, December 8

The Sugarplum Cottage Dollhouse Day 7

This dollhouse isn’t that complicated to shingle. There aren't many roof angles. You can thatch it with twine, faux fur and even coconut fiber. I am using regular dollhouse shingles.

I made paper templates as with other dollhouses. I hot glued shingles to them. I decided to make an alternating pattern between square shingles and fish scale ones. The only thing I did was turn the fish scale shingles upside down to make the squares. I also used dowels for the roof top edges since this dollhouse does not have roof trim.

There were two heart punch outs from the porch which I kept for later use. This dollhouse can use them just fine. I will put them as finials for each roof peak. The problem is that I had only two hearts and there are three peaks. I was able to cut out a third heart using one as the template, from a piece of wood. It wasn’t easy. I struggled, but I was able to do it with patience and some sharp scissors.

Afterward, I had to touch up more paint. I also added more trim to the back of the dollhouse on the two side back walls.

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