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Friday, December 7

The Sugarplum Cottage Dollhouse Day 6

Today I began working on the chimney. It's kind of difficult to make out how to do it without pictures in the instructions for this dollhouse. I figured it out and took several pictures of how it's supposed to look. Basically, you're building a box inside of a box. The small parts make the inner box and the large parts go over that first box.

I thought I would put in the roof support because the beams are supporting the roof anyway. Anything that makes the dollhouse stronger is a good thing. For a second there I thought it wouldn’t go in. I believe you are supposed to put in the support before the back roof goes on. Though I was undecided, in the end it went in with pressure, supporting the roof.

I had to cut this Emory board into a point because sanding hasn’t been easy. Even though they were sanded and painted before assembly, they are still looking a little bit rough after assembly. This is because I had to patch up many gaps. They did take shape, but I still trimmed out the bottom of the settles where they touch the porch floor and the back of the seats. I found very tiny trim pieces I had saved from other projects to do this. Finally they are perfect.

After the chimney was dry, I applied the brick paper to the outside. I turned in the side edges, so it looks continuous all around. I painted the chimney top to look like stucco and put in wisps of cotton to make smoke.

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