Saturday, November 10

The Greenleaf Village Day 9

The furniture for the quarter scale Arthur Dollhouse, has finally come in. Using tweezers and plenty of patience, I began putting in the tiny pieces. Though it's plastic, it looks like wood. It also comes with a lot of accessories.

Everything fit perfectly even though I was worried because I had made the three partitions in the top floor. I truly thought that maybe the furniture wouldn’t fit in the smaller rooms but they did. Each room got it's furniture set and I didn’t have to disperse furniture into bigger rooms to make them fit.

After I saw that all of the furniture fit very well, I had to bring the Christmas spirit into this little dollhouse. I printed out some Christmas printies from the internet. I added the runner on top of the fireplace mantel. I printed a rug for front of the fireplace and the Santa Claus picture over it. I fringed the rug all around by snipping it with scissors. Everything is so tiny, the paper looks like fabric. I printed out some Christmas cards and put them on top of the desk in the study.

My pride and joy is the Christmas tree. Making it was extremely difficult and I can't believe I actually did it. It took some hours to complete under a spot light with tweezers but it came out perfect in the end.

I first got a half scale pine tree. It was the perfect size for this dollhouse. I hot glued golden jewelry beads all around it. I like these particular beads because they are filigreed to add a little more d├ęcor to the tree. I printed out tiny Christmas images and hot glued them all around the tree to make ornaments. The scale is so small, they actually don’t look like print outs but three dimensional items. Cutting out these extremely small pieces was very difficult. You have to use a fine point and very sharp scissor. I used the hot glue very sparingly and removed all the little webs after gluing each ornament. There are even candy canes on the tree which the camera can not capture because they are so incredibly small. After all of the ornaments were on, I glued a larger filigreed bead on the top of the tree.

I got a golden bow from my real Christmas tree and unraveled one of the strings from it. When I did that, I was left with very micro thin golden curly strings. I wrapped them around the tree for tinsel. They were the perfect size for this tiny tree.

I printed out a Christmas rug to set the tree on. A tiny Christmas tree in the corner of the living room and right in front of the window. That way when I light the Village, it will be visible through the front of the dollhouse.

The rest of the Village has also been worked on. I covered the insides of all of the windows with tissue paper in a yellow/amber color. That way they will glow when the lights are inside of them. I also added doorknobs to all of the doors. I used half scale knobs which seem to work well with this scale as well.

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Ellen c said...

I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for sharing. I am working on a different Greenleaf Village and had wanted to leave the back of the house open but was intimidated to do it, but I feel like I can be successful now. Your blog has helped me so many times so much. I appreciate you!


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