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Friday, November 9

The Greenleaf Village Day 8

I glued skinny sticks to the first and second floor back edges. I also glued them to the partition walls back edge.

I glued on all of the windows of the top floor the same way I did the bottom ones. Whatever interior trim was missing I made it out of thin cardboard, like I did on the first floor. I sealed the floors with gloss varnish. Use it lightly. Your paper might wrinkle from the wetness but when it dries, it will be flat again.

I painted the interior of the back roof and glued it in place. I’m leaving a slight ridge line on the top because I plan on putting roof trim there.
I glued the porch on and clamped it on the sides to keep it in place.

I hot glued all of the shingles of the main back and front roofs. Notice the top row of shingles is different. I used the spikey tips strip for the top just to give it a little decoration. I got the strip of shingles you can fold in half to make the roof trim and cut it at the fold mark. I then painted it and put it on the top roof edge like roof trim.

I glued on the porch roof after I painted the underside. Then I applied the shingles to it. I shingled the gable roof parts and wallpapered their underside before gluing them to the roof. It just makes everything much easier that way. After I glued them to the roof, I applied the same roof trim to their tops.

I glued on the porch trim, front and sides. You might have to trim the sides a little at the top angle to make them fit right. You have to paint their back sides as well as the fronts because they will be visible at an angle and through the windows of the dollhouse when your looking into it's back.

I glued on the gable gingerbread trim and wished there were more. I thought I could reproduce another one in cardboard for the sides if I spent some days trying to do it but it’s a difficult size so it wasn’t worth it.

Now that basically everything is done, I have to wait for all of the glue to dry properly before I begin the touch ups. After the glue is dry, I applied spackle to the porch gable roof gingerbread trim since there was a gap there. I also applied spackle to where the porch floor and trim meet. Then I did all of the paint touch ups with a very fine brush. I then finished applying the skinny sticks to the backs of the upstairs partition edges.

I wasn’t satisfied with the interior door color. The wood seemed too dark compared to the floor. I applied a piece of the printed wood floor over it with the grain going vertically. I also glued on a little step under the door. I got the little square piece from some left over trim of another dollhouse. It’s the right wood color.

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