Tuesday, November 6

The Greenleaf Village Day 5

The Church

I first assembled the building, cupola and steeple. I need all of these pieces to be completely dry before I can handle them again so its best to get them done first.

I painted all of the trims and the building as well.

I painted the roof of the cupola and started gluing it on. This copula is the same as The School House copula so assemble it the same way.

I then added the steeple to the top once the roof was dry.

I glued on all of the trim. Then I glued on all of the windows.

I printed out stained glass windows found online and will use them for the church. I printed them out the right size and I glued them to the back of the plastic windows after they were up. I used a glue stick to apply glue to the edges of the printed window. I didn’t use regular glue because it might warp the paper as it dries. I think the pattern looks pretty good and you don’t need to change the original plastic windows that came with the kit. The silk screening actually makes the stained glass look very nice.

I painted the underside of the roof and installed the step and doors. I painted the underside of the church and while that dried, I applied the shingles to the roof and the cupola.

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