Saturday, September 8

The Storybook Cottage Dollhouse Day 7

I’m using printer paper to make the templates of my roof to begin shingling. Since I’m going to make the shingles a light green color, it doesn’t matter that the paper is not brown. I’m going to apply shingles to the front roof first and the gables next. It’s the same technique as with wallpaper. You want to do the far front wall first and later the sides. That will give the joint of where they meet a nice clean look.

I’m going to use hot glue to apply the shingles to the template and then tacky glue to apply the entire shingled template to the dollhouse. I’m using some left over veneer shingles I have instead of the kit shingles. The kit shingles do not have as much color variation as I'd like so I'll save them for another dollhouse.

I applied the corner edges to the porch roof.

I haven’t glued these shingled panels to the dollhouse yet. I’m just testing their fit first. I have to stain them before I glue them to the dollhouse. It's better to do it that way so that no stain drips on your dollhouse and so that you can apply stain to the edges of the shingles as well as the fronts.

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