Tuesday, September 4

The Storybook Cottage Dollhouse Day 3

The attic window sills are up and I just have to touch up and paint them.

I began working on the back edge wall. I wallpapered the interior because when you look through the front windows of the cottage, you will be able to see these back side walls. After I wallpapered them, I went ahead and glued them on. I clamped them with masking tape.

I finished wallpapering the center support. I took a very thin strip of wallpaper and glued it to the front edge, so it wouldn’t stand out unfinished. After this strip dries, I'll trim the edges. I had first sanded the edge very well and then painted it a matching color to the wallpaper but it still stood out and I didn’t like the way it looked. The strange shape of this support makes it impossible for you to be able to wrap wallpaper around it to hide the edge.

I sanded and prepared the large bay parts. As they dried, I finished touching up the attic window sills and put wallpaper on the walls. I’m not overly concerned with the edges because I plan on using skewers to trim out these interior gables later on.

I painted and wallpapered the large bay parts before installation. While they were drying, I finished adding the final side pieces to the porch foundation.

The bays of this cottage are installed a little differently than in other kits. The installation of the bays can be a little difficult. You’ll need to tap with a hammer to make them fit right. Do not use glue until the instructions tell you to. The sill and the top support will hold just fine without glue.

While the bays are drying, I trimmed off wallpaper from the attic windows and the center support. Now the center support looks nice and covered all around with wallpaper. When you have a dollhouse that is a little tricky on the interior like this one, it's always best to choose a heavily patterned wallpaper, versus solids or stripes. This is why I chose the stripes for the second floor and the pattern for the first.

Finally the two bays are done. I had to cut small little pieces of wallpaper to hide the exposed tabs inside of the dollhouse. This is one of the down sides to wallpapering before you build. Your always left with a lot of little things to cover here and there but there was really no choice with this cottage. It's just easier to wallpaper it before assembly.

I started preparing the interior bay trims.

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