Friday, August 17

My Second Beacon Hill Dollhouse Day 16

I finished gluing on the brackets for the porch. These are the small ones. I decided to paint them a little different. Instead of a light brown stripe in the middle, they have a blue stripe.

I finished gluing on the tower brackets. This time I got them correctly and was able to put them all around the tower. If you're going to leave the tower removable, put the tower in it's place and install the brackets with the tower on. Just remember to not glue the tops of the brackets to the tower but only to the wall. Doing it with the tower on is only to allow you to position them as close to the tower base as possible, avoiding gaps or brackets that end up too high, bothering the tower placement.

I also worked on the back of the dollhouse. I covered the side wall edges with skinny sticks. That gives it a nice smooth edge. I added a little decorative piece on each corner where the floors and walls meet. I didn’t finish the sides with the skinny sticks because they are still drying.

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