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Thursday, August 16

My Second Beacon Hill Dollhouse Day 15

Today I began wallpapering the final top room.

While the wallpaper dried, I began painting the remaining windows. I painted two dormers and one single window. Lot's of pieces existed for each of them. At least when they are ready to be put in, all of the parts will be painted.

I also did touch ups on the front dormers. You will need help to lift the dollhouse now since it will become heavy from all the added components and glue. I put in the last two dormer windows. I did them in the same sequence as the other two. I left the roofs bare for now. I think I might have some left over sandpaper for one more roof. I won't attempt that until tomorrow though. I added the little decoration pieces on top of the interior trim of the two finished dormers.

I also have done a lot of spackling here and there. I had to spackle the area where the bay sides meet the walls. A finger is too big to spread spackle there so I used a skewer. I cut it in half so it's not so long to maneuver and it filled that tiny crevice. The skewer is also good to apply spackle on tiny areas like the window sills which can be slightly broken at the tips. This stick will spread spackle just about everywhere.

If your tower will be removable, you have to spackle the slots underneath to hide them. You will need a lot of spackle for this, with two coats to cover. Since it will continue to sink in, you have to let one coat fully dry and then go over it again to smooth it out. I added the vertical trim that goes around the tower opening. I am intending on leaving the tower roof removable.

1 comment:

A. Wright said...

Gina, your BH build saved my sanity once again. I'm working on the 2.4 Billion bracket pieces right now and was surprised they didn't line up the way I expected. Thanks again for posting so many clean shots!


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