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Tuesday, July 3

My First Glencroft Dollhouse Day 2

I spent a lot of time staining today. I made my own stain from a mixture of varnish and dark brown acrylic paint. This is only the first coat. Later, I have to lightly sand and then coat it with clear unmixed varnish again.

I put the upstairs fireplace and wood bin room together. That part was simple enough because it had the same logic as the downstairs fireplace. I printed out some brick paper from my computer and glued it the back wall of the fireplaces and wood bin room. I stained the entire wall section of the second floor fireplace and wood bin.

I clamped the chimney together and as you can see, I ran out of masking tape so I had to use duct tape to clamp. It is certainly not made for dollhouses and it can only be used in unfinished areas only. I will have masking tape by tomorrow.

I painted the ceiling white while everything else dried.

After these simple procedures, I knew I had to begin wallpapering, so I can put the ceiling beams in. It took some time to understand the instructions for the ceiling beams. You are supposed to laminate them together in order to make them thick. Then you have to insert them through the wall openings. You will need a mallet to carefully tap them through. Be careful with your ceiling finishes. I used plastic clamps to keep them tight against the ceiling until the glue dries.


Penny said...

Hi, I'm planing on buying Field of Flowers Wallpaper that "complements" the Tudor Frieze Panels you have on your walls. I'm buying it from miniatures.com. I'm really worried that it will be hard to put up because this is my first project. However, I'm totally in love with this wallpaper. Can you tell me if the Tudor panels were extremely hard to put up or was it just the red/gold wall paper. Should I even attempt this wallpapering feat?

Gina said...

Hi Penny,
Wallpapering is much easier than it looks and very forgiving if you use the right glue. In my wallpapering guide, Ive given suggestions and techniques on how to wallpaper as painlessly as possible.

What I do remember about the famous Frieze Panels and the Field Of Flowers wallpaper is that they were on glossy, photo type paper that seems to be non-porous. This presents a problem since the paper needs to be porous so that the glue dries all the way through flattening the paper to the wall. If the paper cant "breathe" the glue never truly dries and the paper becomes wrinkled. Thats not very good news if you want to use these patterns.

What Isuggest is that you apply these glossy type papers with a non water based spray glue. They can be smelly but Im thinking that the less moisture on these papers the better. You can also try using double sided carpet tape or any other thin double sided tape. There are some debates about how well it may work with wallpaper though so always try it out first. Glue sticks also have less moisture than runny glue.

Always try these out away from the dollhouse to see how well they work before committing to them.

Penny said...

Thank you very much. I think I will go with the spray glue. If one glue doesn't work I can always try again with a different method. The house is a fairy's cottage and this wallpaper is what inspired me to make it so. I'm doing Greenleaf's little Madison so wallpapering shouldn't be too hard. Ah, I'm so excited!


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