Monday, July 2

My First Glencroft Dollhouse Day 1

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The Glencroft By Greenleaf

I assembled this dollhouse for a second time and did some changes to the finishes. I suggest you view those changes before you begin assembly, in case you wish to try them out. You can view them here.

I began assembling early in the morning and everything went well.

The walls to this dollhouse are assembled at once, so it is very difficult to keep them in place while the glue is drying. I would put up one wall and the one next to it would topple over, etc. The twists and turns of the dollhouse makes clamping very difficult. I suggest you use hot glue to tack walls together so that your wood glue has time to dry. After I was able to find a good position to clamp my walls, I let them dry.

The staircase seems like it’s a huge endeavor because of its winding architecture, but it was actually very easy to put together. In fact its been one of the easiest staircases I have constructed so far, despite the fact that it's winding. It goes in perfectly too. If you're wallpapering your stairwell, do that before you put in the staircase. I decided not to wallpaper the stairwell because I want the dollhouse to have an interior finish of a little wallpaper and lots of stained wood.

The whole staircase is going to be stained as well. If you want to paint your staircase different colors, you must do so before assembly. I put in the fireplace and the bookcase, which will also be stained.

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This is fantastic! Better than the instuctions!


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