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Friday, June 8

The Arthur Dollhouse Day 1

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The Arthur By Greenleaf

Today, I put together the foundation, walls and main front roof.

The front wall comes in two sections, so make sure that you join the top and bottom parts tightly together for a smooth surface. This joint line, visible in the pictures, will be hidden with the porch roof.

The front main roof also comes in two sections that join in the center to make the left and right sides. I clamped the two joining parts tightly together and let the glue dry.

As you're building the outer walls, partitions and main roof, I suggest you do each assembly right after the other, not allowing the glue to toroughly dry, between steps. This will help you position things better together before clamping and letting it dry.

I used wood glue on all the joints so the structure of the dollhouse is sturdy. You might have to tap with a hammer to fit tabs in place.

The instructions prompt you to put the trims on the windows and doors first, but don't. It will only cause you a lot of problems in the paint and wallpaper stages. Just leave all trim for the end. There will be no obstacles in the end to put the trim on, both exterior and interior.

Right at this point of the dollhouse's construction is where you have to stop and begin finishing certain parts. Do not glue the back roof yet. Leave that for the end. It will only make wallpapering difficult.

Wait until the two joined pieces of the front main roof finish drying before gluing the two front side gable roofs.

To minimize difficult cuts, I suggest you do all of the wallpapering for the second floor now, before installation of the roof panels. You will need to mark them well so you do not confuse the wall sides with the roof sides.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the instrucyions. Where do i buy clamps to hld the glue?

Gina said...

You can buy the clamps online here: http://www.miniatures.com/Search.aspx?k=clamps but you can also find them at your local hobby shop.

SteveinSedona said...

Gina - Your website is awesome - wish I had known about it earlier, could have saved a bunch of money. I could never figure out how to cover electrical tape with wallcovering, and still have access for repairs, etc. Now I can make templates like you suggested. Question: I'd like to use 1/8" birch ply for templates. I'm a woodworker and have lots of it around. What do you think?


Gina said...


You certainly can use 1/8"th birch wood as templates. It would work just fine with a little tweaking here and there. I wouldn't recommend it for a non-woodworker though since it will make your walls slightly thicker and you will need a little extra finishing around components for a cleaner and nicer look. But, since you're a woodworker, you would be able to easily get around those little obstacles and it would work out just fine.


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