Monday, May 14

The Pierce Dollhouse Day 13

Because I was unable to place the flat verge board trim outside of the gingerbread trim so the cameos would fit, I decided to revamp the verge boards for a more finished look.

I used basswood strips to trim all of the gable edges instead. Now the verge boards appear to be behind the strips and have a nice, layered look. I did it to all the gable peaks, including the back cubby hole peak that doesn’t have a verge board.

I also applied the trim to the front porch peak and added a little wooden cap to the top in pink. I added caps to the ends of the porch railings for finials as well.

Any exposed tabs or rough areas that remain on the dollhouse need to be sanded down and refilled. Sometimes this happens when settling of the wood occurs so always look over your dollhouse a few days after completion to make sure that all areas are touched up.

I printed some gray stone patterns on the computer and applied them it to all of the non-latticed foundation areas.

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