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Tuesday, May 8

The Pierce Dollhouse Day 7

Today I finished the roof.

I finished gluing the interior window trims to the tower.

I began wallpapering the inside walls of the kitchen and dining bays. This is why it's a good idea to buy extra sheets of wallpaper for this dollhouse. You have a lot of walls to cover.

I prepared the porch roof pieces, but before I could begin putting on the porch roof, I had to spackle all of the gaps around the dollhouse and give it a second coat of paint. You have to do this now or you will have a hard time doing it with the porch roof in the way. Once the porch is up, it is very hard to paint some of the areas inside of it.

After all of the touch ups, I put skewers to cover the kitchen bay wall gaps. This is the only section of the dollhouse that has not been touched up with spackle or given the second coat of paint yet.

I painted all of the kitchen bay windows and the dining room door for when I’m ready to use them. I can't do anything yet because I have to wait for the skewers and the wallpaper to dry thoroughly so I can spackle and paint.

I began the porch roof installation. I need for it all to be totally dry before I can continue.

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