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Saturday, May 5

The Pierce Dollhouse Day 4

The next step is to begin the tower and bay assemblies.

I finished wallpapering the second floor.

I only wallpapered the attic walls. I plan on doing a combination of light gray paint and wallpaper. The roof in this attic is massive and full of slants. This requires a good supply of materials or you'll come up short.

If you do plan on wallpapering the entire attic, you have to wallpaper the interior of each roof part before assembly. I also had to paint my attic walls before assembly. Make sure you buy enough wallpaper to cover this huge area.

I went back to the first floor and began putting in the baseboards. It's a good idea to apply your ceiling and flooring trims as you go along because there will be many inaccessible areas in this dollhouse once it is completely assembled, so waiting to apply the baseboards can cause some areas to be left undone because of inaccessibility.

I put in the doors.

I applied the first coat of paint on the outside of the dollhouse. Now I can clearly see where all of the gaps are. I will seal them with spackle before I sand and apply the second coat of paint.

I sanded the first floor and applied the second coat of varnish. Now the gloss is very visible.


Anonymous said...

How do you recommend installing the doors on the Pierce dollhouse? In addition, the doors do not fit!

Thank you for your help!

Gina said...

You will need to sand down the doors significantly for them to fit. This is true for all tab and slot dollhouses. The doors are not pre-assembled so the assembly process, which adds additional laminated layers, paint and glue, causes for the doors to no longer fit the openings.

Assemble and finish your doors in their entirety first and then sand them down until they fit the opening. Double doors require more sanding than singles. Dry fit as you sand so you don't take too much off.

If you have a palm sander, the job will be quicker.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information on getting them to fit.

Would you recommend hinges or chamois strip for installation?


Gina said...

For exterior, double doors, like these, I recommend hinges. Chamois strips will not allow for the door to open smoothly. It's best left for small, single doors, like closets or cabinets.


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