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Wednesday, May 2

The Pierce Dollhouse Day 1

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The Pierce By Greenleaf

I assembled this dollhouse for a second time and did some changes to the finishes. I suggest you view those changes before you begin assembly, in case you wish to try them out. You can view them here.

Today I marked each sheet's number with a black marker. This makes identification easier. Be careful you don't accidentally mark a dollhouse part.

I began the base assembly. Make sure you follow the pictures exactly for proper lattice slat assembly. The lattice slats must all run same direction to line up. They must face as they do in the picture. Dry fit first to make sure. I used wood glue to put the whole base together and clamped as I went along to keep the fit tight and square.

Once the base was assembled, I had to let it to dry. It takes a while, so I started working on the floor. I'm finishing the dollhouse's original floor but instead of just staining them, I drew wood planks with a pencil for more detail. I used a standard measurement between each board. Make your marks dark for visibility after staining or varnishing. It's an economical way to finish flooring, especially for a large dollhouse like this one.

After the floor was done, I glued it to the dry base. Glue as you progress and not all at once. I glued and clamped it all the way around. Everything fit perfectly and easily.

I left the foundation to dry and began working on the staircase.

Use wood glue, tacky glue or a combination of them both for the staircase. Do not use hot glue. You need time to move the staircase around and get the parts squared. Follow the pictures carefully. You do not want to assemble the staircase in the wrong direction because it won't fit.

I assembled the bottom portion of the staircase and used tape as clamps. I fit clamps wherever I could. Allow to dry and proceed with the foundation.

As the staircase dried, I painted the foundation. The underside and edges must be painted as well.

I painted the porch floors. Later, I will paint the bottom of this foundation because the lattice's interiors are visible and expose the raw wood. The underside of the dollhouse must be painted to hide this.

After I painted the foundation, I continued the staircase. I began assembling the upper level, treads and risers. I used tacky glue for them. Dry fit everything first. It's very easy to make a mistake. Continue using wood glue and move things around as they dry, so you can check for straightness and evenness.

I dry fitted the staircase to the floor to see if everything fit properly; it did. Dry time must be allowed.

For added detail you can apply the punch outs from between the staircase rails to the staircase base. I glued them to the staircase walls upside down to add an architectural visual element. Once stained, these pieces will be nice designs for the staircase rather than just leaving it plain.


ServiceManager 7 said...

hey, after a half year it is just two days away and I will get the construction kit ( took a wile, because delivery in Germany). Hopefully it becomes as nice as yours !

Tammy said...

I need to repair a Pierce dollhouse. Where can I find individual pieces? Such as I need front steps for the porch. Interior stair case needs some repair. Can I replace the whole stair case? The landing on the second floor is missing either the walls or the landing railings. Missing front door.

Gina said...

Tammy, you have to contact www.greenleafdollhouses.com to order dollhouse parts. These parts come in sheets so you would need to tell them the sheet number that has the parts you are looking for. The dollhouse schematics will tell you what sheets the parts are in.

Ana Sandoval said...

I am so glad I found your blog! My neighbor gifted my two girls this house last christmas. I am so grateful as it is just gorgeous! But it does need a few repairs such as the detailing on top of the roof (not the shingles) and I need one of the windows. After reading your previous post I am crossing my fingers that I can order it. Will call them tomorrow.

Thanks for your information!


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