Friday, April 6

The Orchid Dollhouse Day 5

I installed the door. This was a simple enough process. I decorated the interior with some wood scraps from the kit.

I pre-assembled the bay window. This bay window is very simple. You will not run into obstacles during this process. Do not install the bay window until you finish the double hung windows. You will need the convenience of this large opening so it's easier to glue the double hung window by the door.

I began the double hung windows. I really wanted to get this process in detail with pictures but wasn’t able to. A lot of people have trouble with the double hung windows of this dollhouse but they are really simple. It’s the instructions that can be confusing.

Each window on the dollhouse is a two square opening, one on top of the other. One window sash goes over the top opening on the exterior of the dollhouse and one goes over the bottom opening on the interior of the dollhouse. When the outer casing is applied, it creates the double hung window look.

You will have to paint the wallpaper on the inside white to give the impression of an inside sash. The same has to be done on the outside. I painted over the wallpaper without a problem.

You can measure beforehand with a sash so you know the area you have to leave unpapered and unpainted for this effect.

I put the sashes on first. Then painted the wallpaper and the outside edges to the same thickness of the already glued on sashes. Then I glued on the exterior trim. Then the interior. Then all exterior window sills and bottom trims. Then all interior sills. Then I did all the pediments and finally the bottom square trims. You can hold trims in place tightly with masking tape and it won't impede you from gluing on the pediments and square trims.

Use tacky glue for all window construction. It dries crystal clear and its thick enough to hold drying pieces without having to use a ton of masking tape on your wallpaper.

I glued on the staircase. Another very simple process. I then glued on the top railings.

I glued on the large middle dormer window seat/porch roof. This has to be completely dry before you touch it again so glue it now and clamp it. I had no struggle doing this. I painted it light blue on the inside rather than staining it because I don’t plan for it to be visible. I’m going to make upholstery for it with nice fabric and lace to make a bed. If I use this area as the bed, I will have more space in this bedroom for other furniture.

I glued on the back foundation base piece.

I glued on the back roof section. This process was a little difficult because the slots on one side were too narrow for the tabs but I widened them and it was fine. I didn’t have to be extra careful doing this because it will all be covered with shingles.

I slid the assembled porch floor and steps into their slots and glued them on. I glued the trim the goes on both sides of the porch by the foundation. I glued the porch railings and banisters in place.

I was finally able to glue on the bay window and I glued on the bay roof.

I installed the gussets.

The porch was finally dry enough to touch so I glued on the white squares and the trim. I glued on the top trim to hide the slots.

I glued on the roof eaves and the center trim on the gables.

Everything has been glued onto the dollhouse except the gingerbread trim. You will not be able to install this until you shingle the roof.

I took out my bag of scraps from previous kits and found some goodies in there for this dollhouse. I stained and glued on a decorative piece on top of all of the interior windows. I also found some pieces that looked like keystones so I painted them and added them to the dormer windows.

I used skinny sticks to make trim for the interior bay window, baseboards for the floor and trim for the interior door opening. I also used them to hide the floor and wall edges on the back side of the dollhouse and to trim out the staircase opening.

I used bamboo skewers and dowels to make exterior and interior trim for the bay window.


Tricia said...

This is my first dollhouse. I got a little overzealous about finishing the structure itself and neglected to do any wallpapering during the construction process. Any advice on wallpapering or painting the interior after everything has been assembled? Thanks! Wish I'd found your blog sooner.

Gina said...

You should wallpaper after the dollhouse is assembled, except for the roof. The roof and dormers should be done before. You can find many tips for wallpapering, some of them specifically for this model dollhouse on the Wallpapering Guide link to your left.


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