Wednesday, April 4

The Orchid Dollhouse Day 3

I continued building components so that when I’m ready to glue them onto the dollhouse, they will all be ready.

I painted and glued on the foundation trim. I only did the sides because I haven’t attached the porch yet, so I left the front ones for later. One of the trims is slightly narrower than the other, but you can't tell once they are glued in place.

I painted the porch posts.

I’m going to paint all of the trim of the dollhouse. I sanded and prepared them for painting. These parts are fragile, so be careful you don’t break them but if you do, don't panic. They can be easily fixed with tacky glue and a clamp. Binder clips work well for repairs.

I glued on the second floor partition.

The kit comes with a lot of roof finial pieces. You really only need five of them. I put the extra ones away because I might be able to use them on a future dollhouse.

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