Wednesday, March 7

My First Half Scale Fairfield Dollhouse Day 6

Sliding things together is where difficulty is encountered during assembly. Hard and rough wood doesn't slide well.

Few parts made assembly quick. Basically, the walls go up all at once.

The tedious part has been wallpapering along the way. Otherwise, it won't be possible to do so later. Sorting which wallpaper goes in what side of a wall is crucial, requires planning and forethought to get everything in the right place. You do not want to end up with the wrong print in the wrong room.

You'll need to use the rubber mallet or hammer here. It really helps to tap stubborn things into place.

During all of this, I applied more wallpaper.

Wallpaper before assembling the tower walls or you won't be able to do so later. When the door is finally installed, the staircase is practically invisible as expected. A simple finish is in order here. Before putting up more walls, make sure difficult to access areas are finished.

A helping hand works well for putting in the third floor. Again, the sliding technique and use of the hammer applies.

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