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Friday, March 2

My First Half Scale Fairfield Dollhouse Day 1

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The Fairfield By Greenleaf

I assembled this dollhouse for a second time and did some changes to the finishes. I suggest you view those changes before you begin assembly, in case you wish to try them out. You can view them here.

I began sanding the parts for the foundation and first floor today. I just wanted to make a note about sanding. These dollhouse kits come with sandpaper, but it's not enough and the grit is very rough. Keep in mind that you're working with very small pieces. You can easily sand them too much if not careful. Doing so will cause improper fitting. This is why I use a finer grade sandpaper than is provided. It prevents damage to any parts. The finer grade sandpaper is used for the smaller pieces and between paint coats. The already provided sandpaper can be used on larger parts, such as walls and floors.

I began assembling the base. Wood glue was used for assembly and masking tape was used to clamp. Small clamps work very well too.

Building the foundation was quite simple and reminds you of this dollhouse's scale. Paint parts as you go along or you will regret it later.

I painted the base after the glue dried. If you don't wait, the wood will warp and separate at the glued joints. Wait up to 24 hours. A fan will speed the process.

When painting your components, apply paint to all areas and edges. Otherwise, unsightly areas will be visible and difficult to access later. Nothing is insignificant.

Take time building the foundation. Make sure it is glued strongly to carry the weight and create a sturdy foundation upon which to continue assembly.

I used wood glue for the chimney. It came together pretty easily. Always use wood glue or tacky glue, preferably in combination, especially on load bearing walls or main joints. Hot glue can be used for temporary support while the main glue dries.

I used tacky glue for the tiny hearth walls. Tacky glue holds pieces in place without allowing them to slide and is preferred for small and/or finished parts. It dries clear making it an ideal tool of the trade. Clamping is easy in this process.

I just painted the chimney the same color as the foundation, and sponged gray paint over it to give it a textured look. It mimics stone or cement. Staining the bookcase was the best approach cosmetically.

This dollhouse assembly is unlike a 1-inch scale assembly. I will have to apply the flooring before the walls. My hands won't reach afterwards.

I will have to proceed with caution on this dollhouse to make sure I finish the pieces before gluing them on. I want to prevent a dead end during assembly.

I painted the ceilings before putting on the second floor. This is impossible to do later.


Kathi said...

I just bought the Fairfield half scale house to built for all of the mini furniture you sent me!
I haven't received it yet - it was an Ebay find.
I sure hope the instructions are included! :D

Gina said...

Kathi, even if the instructions are missing, you can easily get them from Greenleaf. This little half scale dollhouse has been so popular that you might even easily find a forum member to scan and send them to you. I cant wait to see what you do with it!

Anonymous said...

SooooO didnt get my instructions with the house and Im overwhemled to say the least I hope that this wont be too hard to put together...

Gina said...

You can certainly get the instructions for this dollhouse by contacting www.greenleafdollhouses.com That's the good news. The not so good news is that tab and slot dollhouses are difficult to put together, unfortunately, but with a little trial and error, patience and some basic knowledge of what to expect from the assembly process, you can do it. In the end, you will be rewarded with an heirloom that you can proudly say, you built!

Tammy Jones said...

I just purched this for myself as a new hobby. I am unclear if the windows and doors are included.

Gina said...

The kit comes with the windows and doors.

Tammy Jones said...

I'm having trouble finding furniture this scale. I'm at hobby lobby

Tammy Jones said...

Thank you!

Gina said...

Tammy, you will need to order half scale furniture online because stores like Hobby Lobby have a very limited selection of miniatures and they are all in the larger, one inch scale only. I would browse www.miniatures.com for a better selection.


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