Thursday, February 8

My First Beacon Hill Dollhouse Day 7

I started working on the trim and chimney today. While the trim pieces dried, I painted the chimney pieces.

The flue base may require you to find some scrap pieces of wood for it to sit upon. I used the extra squares punched out as part of the assembly. That way I didn’t have to cut or find anything and they worked perfectly for me.

I have dry fitted the tower. It is not glued on yet, but this is how it looks so far.

I wanted to sample a window to see how it would look in general since I need to begin window installation next. You must paint all window pieces completely and on all sides because they will be visible. Apply the paint in thin layers so it doesn’t glob. Make sure all pieces are completely dry before gluing them on.

I painted all of the pieces first and waited for them to dry. Then, I put in the sill and top trim. I set each piece one at a time. Don’t layer and glue them together before you put them in the window. It can be tempting but if you do it that way, they might give you a tough time when trying to fit them in the window. I then put the pane between the sashes and waited for it to dry so that it goes on in one piece. After it was dry, I pushed the piece inside the window opening. I made sure it was even on both sides and as flush as possible with the wall. Then I put on the trim inside and outside. You might have to cut the “legs” of the trim a little in order to make them fit.

When you glue the panes between the sashes, put them under a weight so they dry tightly together and straight.

Use only white glue for your windows.

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