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Wednesday, February 7

My First Beacon Hill Dollhouse Day 6

This dollhouse is very tricky and has some angles where you will be forced to patch wallpaper. Use a heavily patterned wallpapering for rooms with a lot of corners and angles. Heavily patterned wallpaper is easy to patch because the patch is harder to notice. It's harder to patch lined wallpaper or solid patterns. Use striped and less patterned wallpaper in the box shaped rooms. In my dollhouse, I decided to use the striped wallpaper in the bathroom because it was a square room with no angles or bays. I used heavy patterns in the stairways because of the angles and also in the rooms with bays.

Remember that bays have ceilings so make sure you have finished them first, before wallpapering. If your using ceiling paper, you do not have to apply it to the bay ceilings as these ceilings will not be viewable unless your purposely looking up into them from a window.

Keep all extra wallpaper pieces until your dollhouse is complete because you never know if you will have to patch something afterwards. If you throw all of your wallpaper out, you won't be able to get your same pattern for patching later if you need it.

Baseboard, windows and door trim will hide any imperfections in the wallpaper.

Keep the line at the ceilings as straight as possible because baseboards will hide the edges at the floors.

Wallpaper your closet if you plan on leaving the door off, like I did or hinging the door.

If you think your walls may be a little loose on your dollhouse, they will get very strong after wallpapering. The mucilage becomes very hard after drying. This will make your dollhouse stronger.

I finished the tower and wallpapered it on the inside. I had to cut off the tabs at the top of the tower because they were just not fitting into the slots. I didn’t want to force the dollhouse or possibly have the tower sit awkwardly on top. The tower is an important dollhouse feature that must go on straight. Without the tabs, I will have the flexibility of centering the tower properly when I get ready to glue it on. This is something that may not be the case with your dollhouse. Only do this if you have no choice. The goal of this step is for the tower roof to sit correctly on top of the dollhouse.

I circled the extra back trim I added in the photo below.

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