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Tuesday, February 6

My First Beacon Hill Dollhouse Day 5

The windows are pretty easy to install, as are the bay walls.

A good tip for making the bay roofs line up, is to put the middle section in first, without glue. Position it how it's suppose to lay and then with a pencil make a line, on the wall, where the sides are suppose to rest. Then take the middle off and glue the sides down first, making them flush with the floor and the pencil line you drew. When you lay the middle on top, it should be perfectly aligned with the sides. This will prevent you from having to shuffle with the pieces all at the same time.

I used a wood joint sealer around the roof line and now the roof is so tightly joined that it doesn’t budge. This product is good to use as a precaution for when you feel that glue has not been enough for certain structures under pressure. This sealer will add extra strength to the dollhouse. There is no need to use it on other components, just the main structural joints.

Well, I won't be installing the tower just yet because I need to finish it inside.


Kathy said...

Can I have the name of the wood joint filler and where to get it. Lowes, Home Depot and Michael's did not have it. Thanks for all your help. This would be impossible if not for you!

Kathy said...

I am having a lot of trouble with this kit. I assembled the porch but had to work around the fact that the tab slots on the porch floor were 1/4 inch too far from the wall. My post were too short to go into the holes in the roof trim. I am now working on the front bay window and the side pieces when joined with the middle window are almost 1/4 inch from the front wall. The side pieces are too narrow. Is anyone else having these problems? I can tell you that I have run into 4 tabs that fit correctly without cutting the slot bigger or sanding the tab thinner. Any suggestions?

Gina said...

Kathy, I use DAP Lightweight Spackling Compound for gaps around painted surfaces. It can be found at Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart.

For gaps along stained surfaces, I use Minwax Stainable Wood Filler and it can be found at Lowes and Walmart.

Gina said...

There are going to be minor gaps along joints but they shouldn't be too large. You will have to modify tabs and slots in order for the dollhouse to fit correctly.

There has to be a reason why your porch is not fitting properly. You will have to see if you can push it into place using a mallet. Find the problem area and sand or cut it so that the porch fits correctly.

As far as the bays are concerned, those can be easily fixed using dowels between the wall joints. Do not apply them until after you have the windows and window sills in place. The dowels will hinder their installation if you apply them before.

Kathy said...

Thanks for your quick response! What is the brand name for the little yellow bottle pictured . You said you used it to further strengthen the roof on the bays

I worked out the porch....thanks for your help. Kathy

Gina said...

That bottle is a wood joint sealer. I don't remember the name of it because I assembled this first Beacon Hill, quite a few years ago. I bought it at Home Depot, where all of the wood finishing products are.

This was the only assembly I ever used it for and it is not typically needed for dollhouse assembly. I had to use it for this assembly, just because of how certain parts were fitting.

Dawn Renee said...

Hi Gina, Thank you so much for your blog, Youre a life saver! Youre page is practically my screen saver :) I have a question. If I'm going to side the house, should I wait until after to put on the porch?? thanks so much! dawn

Dawn Renee said...

Hi Gina, Thank you so much for your blog, you're a sanity saver! Your blog is practically my screen saver. :) I have a question, if I'm going to side the house, should I wait to add the porch until after siding?? Thank you! dawn

Gina said...

Hi Dawn,

For this dollhouse, you should add the porch before siding. It is much too heavy to be applied over siding.


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