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Friday, February 16

My First Beacon Hill Dollhouse Day 15

I dyed the shingles with Shingle Dye. I diluted it with four cups of water instead of two. I wanted the shingles to be a light color.

I applied the dye with a foam brush while the shingles where still intact on the sheet. These shingle don't come loose in a bag. They come in sheets so you can apply them in strips. In a way, it's easier that way because you don't have to dump all the shingles in a jug to dye them. That's much messier and you need a large area for them to dry. Applying the dye with a foam brush while on the sheet is simple and quick-drying.

Removal of each shingle strip is the hard part. You have to be careful to avoid damage in the process. This dollhouse took nine sheets of shingles. It doesn't have a large roof area. They give an enormous amount of shingles for adequate coverage. There were enough to opt for shingling the bay roof, which I did not do.

I used a pattern for my shingling that alternated between octagon and square edges. I made an unnoticeable mistake laying the tower shingles, but it's really unnoticeable to justify removal. I would have to point it out for it to be seen.

The only time I used a template for the shingles of this dollhouse was on the side of the tower and wall of the double window. That area is too narrow to fit a hand. It's almost impossible to shingle it without a template.

I made the template in card stock. It was a challenge because the opening was smaller than my hand. I glued the shingles with hot glue to it and then glued the whole finished shingled section in place with white glue to have time for proper placement.

One thing that really helped me during shingling was a pair of tweezers. They give you the refined handling for less painful and more precise placement.

Now I still have all of those brackets to put on. Most of the time will be taken by painting and drying them. Paint and parchment paper are handy to have during this step.


Anonymous said...

Gina, I'm having a problem installing the shingles on the curved mansard roof. when I bend the shingles to form the curved roof they crack. How did you get the shingles to bend with the curved roof? Thanks.
Really enjoy your blog.

Gina said...

Hi Don,

First, make sure that you are using hot melt glue to apply your shingled to the roof.

If that is being done and the shingles are still cracking, then it just might be that the shingles are old and have weakened with time. If you bought your kit from a miniatures dealer, contact Greenleaf Dollhouses, explain the problem and they will replace the shingles, since they are included in the kit. If you purchased your kit some other way, then you will have to buy replacement shingles from a miniatures dealer.

Depending on how many of them are doing this, you can just continue applying them, very carefully, to prevent the cracking and see if you can complete the roof with the shingles you have. The hot melt glue will prevent the shingles for further damage, once they are applied to the roof.


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