Monday, February 12

My First Beacon Hill Dollhouse Day 11

Just to emphasis how light dye-cut dollhouses are, I was able to lift this one by myself from the floor and I have a bad back. I didn’t even break a sweat. All of the components of the dollhouse are already installed and it was still this light.

While removing some of the tape I was using as clamps, I damaged the sandpaper finish of two of the dormer roof tops, so I’ll have to touch that up later. Be careful with tape removal and wallpaper. It will cause damage, if not extra careful.

If you don't stain or paint everything before application, you won't be able to later. Using a stain pen helps, but you still won't reach all areas. It's best to avoid these situations in the first place.

I finished putting trim at the bottom of the first floor staircase.

I installed the tower roof.

I put up one side of the mansard roof trims. This trim goes on with a lot of pressure in order to make it bend with the mansard line. I used wood glue and clamped it over night. That’s why you will have to do one side at a time.

It's very hard to paint these bays with the windows on. The bays have no trim left to be put on so I suggest painting your bays before adding the windows.

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